modern, comfortable residential complex located in the heart of Kurunegala town!
Our advantages: Excellent location: Agra Apartments is located in the center of Kurunegala. All the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life, shops, schools, hospitals, bus stops, a railway station are located within a radius of 2 km. Kurunegala is the transport hub of Sri Lanka. The new expressway will allow you to get to any point of the island in a short time.

Agra luxury apartments


The advantage of an apartment over a house
Comfort, ease of maintenance and safety. Maintenance of an apartment is always cheaper than maintenance of a house
Advantage of an apartment in Agra apartments over an apartment in Colombo
Life in Kurunegala is more comfortable, safer, cheaper than life in Colombo. Clean air, quietness, no traffic jams, and availability of infrastructure will make your life better. The cost of an apartment in Agra is cheaper than similar apartments in Colombo.
Why should you buy an apartment in Agra now?
The prices for building materials have increased significantly. Not all building materials are available. Buying an apartment in new residential projects or starting building a house is now risky. Agra apartments are ready to move in. Buying an apartment in a residential complex under construction or a residential housing complex under construction, you run the risk of not knowing whether the project will be completed and when. Currently, there are not many high quality new finished apartments or houses for sale.
Inflation devalues money and investments in finished real estate - this is the safety of your finances and a good investment.
In the near future our prices will be increased, hurry up to buy an apartment from us at the old price.